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The brilliant new thought paradigm of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer flips conventional medicine on it’s head while turning it inside out. Quite a statement, I know.

Dr. Neal Robert SmooklerNothing I have studied thus far in the healing arts comes close to the insights that German New Medicine offers.

In Spanish, it’s called La Medicina Sagrada or The Sacred Medicine. Without pause, it is the medicine of the future.

It shows us nature’s loving kindness, protecting it’s creation.

In time it will become a part of every curriculum.

Richard Nixon launched the so-called War on Cancer on December 23, 1971. Today, draped in ribbons of every hue, blinded by the promises of targeted therapies, we have neglected a basic truth, the cancer problem is, in reality as formidable a challenge as ever… The New Yorker. World War Cancer By Alexander Nazaryan. June 30, 2013.

That sentiment, as published in The New Yorker is sadly still true. I have nothing but the utmost awe and respect for medicine. The technologies are inspiring. The diagnostics reassuring.

The standard medicine is phenomenal with so many things – understanding the nature (cause, meaning and amelioration) of disease is not one of them.

For those new to GNM it is often a challenge to wrap ones mind around it all – this is normal.

It is for that reason that GNM education is intrinsically woven into all of our consultations.

We’re not here to simply talk to you. We’re here talk with you.

To teach, to educate – perhaps even enlighten.

For the participant to have an authentic grasp of German New Medicine is of vital importance for success.

So many are tired of a lack of real answers.

We are often asked, what is the treatment in GNM?

Sessions are less an intellectual endeavor, but rather a process of bringing the unconscious to the conscious, the unaware to the aware.

As we are working with natural principles, there is nothing to rally against – no more of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. To elicit a cure, we don’t have to reduce inflammation, manipulate genomes, alkalize the water, find the next smart drug or war against anything what-so-ever. The cure is allowed by working in symphony with these natural principles.

When this happens, it’s an amazing revelation to witness on my end and to be experienced on the participants end. It’s the old lightbulb going on. A cathartic ‘a-ha!’ There is often a huge energy shift that is palpable by all in the room. It’s really kinda cool.

Dr. Hamer discovered that all disease, including cancers, have an ‘On’ switch, a meaningful (yes, you read that correctly) purpose and an ‘Off’ switch.

The ‘On’ switch is an emotional trauma or shock. Consciousness Catch-22.

The ‘On’ switch runs in the subconscious mind and will activated upon experiencing the emotional trauma.

For Dr. Hamer the ‘On’ switch, was the untimely death of his son, Dirk. He later discovered that his testicular cancer was initiated by the traumatic shock of that very profound loss.

All testicular tumor are testosterone producing – making a man more virile. This is nature’s way of assisting someone who has just lost a child to increase his fertility levels to hopefully produce another offspring in order to resolve the conflict of losing that child.

All biological programs have a meaningful purpose. Once that purpose has been fulfilled, the biological program will switch off. This explains the spontaneous remissions of cancers that traditional medicine does not understand.

The ‘Off” switch is flipped by resolving the emotional trauma.

When discussing an ‘Off’ switch to disease (or biological programs as Dr Hamer prefers to call them) – there are actually two ways to switch off the program.

The first way is to practically resolve the conflict that triggered said program to start running. For Dr Hamer that would have involved having another child. Practical resolutions to conflicts are not always possible. Dr. Hamer was in his late forties when Dirk passed, so having a baby would not be practical at his life stage.

Nature unfortunately does not factor in these practicalities.

What Dr Hamer discovered was that whilst the biological program runs in the subconscious mind, when you consciously connect the symptoms of the disease with the emotional trauma that triggered the disease process to start, it also flips the ‘Off’ switch. So by understanding the exact moment in time when you experienced the shock and consciously making all the connections – one can switch off the very disease program.

The disadvantage with this ‘Off’ switch, is if there are reminders of the original emotional trauma which can switch the program back on again.

The challenge with any German New Medicine session is to properly address these reminders that can delay a complete clearing.
These are subconscious triggers that will reopen the original biological program. At the moment of the conflict-shock, the psyche is wide open and processing billions of bits of information.

What we need to understand is that at the time a person may have experienced a shock the psyche will actually record whatever stimuli were in the environment at that moment in time.

These stimuli need to be made conscious otherwise a vicious cycle ensues.

It’s sometime just a subtle feeling, a fleeting thought or nuance that releases the conflict.

I used to have horrible heartburn. I knew the conflict was a territorial anger – but had no change with just that awareness. It took me several months (Grrr!) but I finally found the feeling or fleeting thought. It was a territorial anger, yes – but there was a subtle nuance of despondency, hopelessness attached to it.

Since I figured that out, I’ve been fine. It still can ocassionally sneak in, but I nip it in the bud. GNM is in my opinion100% accurate and precise – it’s just these damn nuances!  ;’)

The second challenge is making our way through any given healing phase. Our protocol differs significantly from that of our contemporaries as we will embrace a multitude of complimentary modalities wherever and whenever necessary to maneuver through this phase.

We figuratively hold your hand and walk you through it, baby step by baby step.

I will not accept all new participant requests. One first needs to be open to integrating something new into their consciousness.

It is of no exaggeration to say there has been a concerted effort to silence Dr. Hamer. Despite all that he has endured – the harassment, the indignities, the media lies and multiple attempts upon his life – his work continues to reach people where it will perdure to impact humanity through it’s melioristic touch.

When applied properly, the Five Biological Laws provide an astonishingly high success rate – something the standard medicine cannot claim.

I have had conversations with many an MD, who, after studying the GNM knew that they now must unlearn everything they were taught – as it was simply inaccurate.

The New Medicine is logical, it’s precise and it’s reproducible.

I can no longer dispute the validity, let alone the existence of The Five Biological Laws of The New Medicine.

Disease is surrounded by so many myths, misinterpretations and malpractice that I cannot, in good conscience continue to look the other way.

With enough pain, suffering, misery and drama in the world – my prayer is that this information reaches those that are ready to allow something new in.

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